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Post  Butcher on Mon Dec 22, 2008 12:27 pm

Jazy and every body, my computer is in parts on my shelf in my room. I will be back online on christmas, thats when im getting my processor. quad core =p. no more Funny lol! hehe i cant wait. Well any way, jazy check ur goddamn email lmfao joking but really check it i sent u one, the msn email. ill be back later im on my bros pc. Be back on christmas all day any way hehe. thats IF i dont have virtual problems, blue screen of death, no booting, or other fatal and very annoying errors. Thanks, and cya!!! wtf ijust noticed this one lmfao.

hehe i like these. affraid pig What a Face Smile idk ask butcher
well cya later.

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