Very helpful tips.

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Very helpful tips.

Post  maymmesc on Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:18 am

Hello. @mzhelfireyou are correct I tried to install that link, ShrinkIB, and there was no option for a burn with IMGBurn!Edit: I figured it out. Install the regular shrink program and then use the shortcut from the Skrink burn with IB fold. It opens shrink and allows the option for creating ISO and Burn with ImgBurn. BUT you got to come back and start the ImgBurn program and select the drive. You can't just start shrink and end up with a disc. There is no option to selct the drive with blank media in it and set it to burn automatically. I hope I am wrong. Am I ZOSO? If right what's the point. I can use recode (better upgrade of shrink)and autoburns with NeroBurningRom not that bad of a proggy. Recode can do the same with ImgBurn but you have to open program and select file. Only advantage I see is ImgBurn justs opens but has to be set up. JM2CEven DVDFab doesn't have it right. You have to start ImgBurn when it's ready to burn. But with Nero burning for fab it's automatic.Edit2: There's just something about pushing one button and then writing on the dvd with a sharpie. 07 Aug 2008 @ 15:20


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