Simple Batch Dictionary

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Simple Batch Dictionary

Post  Butcher on Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:41 pm

I made this while at school because people wanted me to and i was bored. Its not done yet, this is the first version. Ill post more later. I forgot some stuff, its updated in a .pdf format.

Batch Dictionary:Basic

This is a batch dictionary. To make something, usually you can put it however. Unless you use the :A or other commands, you will have to put it in order of what you want it to do first or last. To make a batch file open up a text document, put in the code you want. Save as, then put the save as type to all files, and put the name as whatevernameyouwant.bat
It has to have the .bat at the end or it wont save it right. Batch_Dictionary.rar

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